What Is Xero?

If you own or work in a small or medium sized business in Henley Beach, chances are that you may have heard of Xero. Since it was founded in 2006, it’s become one of the fastest growing ‘software as a service’ companies, so what exactly is it and how does it work?

Since it was founded in 2006, it’s become one of the fastest growing ‘software as a service’ companies in the entire world!

So what exactly is it and how does it work? Who can help you implement Xero for your business? Can an Adelaide marketing agency help with the setup?

Well, we’re about to answer all those questions!

What is Xero?

Xero Bookkeeping Adelaide Henley Beach

Xero provides cloud based accounting software to small and medium-sized businesses. It currently works with over 700,000 subscribers across the world and supports 160 currency options.

By using accounting software that is stored centrally on a cloud, businesses can keep an eye on real time information regarding their cash flow, invoices that have been sent and paid as well as managing their inventories.

Cloud-based software means that information can be accessed by multiple users, from any location – fitting perfectly with the start up mentality of often remote and flexible working.

The Benefits of Xero

  • Create Invoices and Quotes online: this can take a huge load of your administrative staff especially when invoices are repeated or similar.
  • Track Sales and Purchases: have an accurate and detailed idea of exactly what’s coming in and going out of your company.
  • See Real Time Information: access an up to date representation of how things are operating whenever you need to
  • Monitor Cash Flow: this is essential for small businesses and always knowing where you stand in terms of cash flow will help you stay on top of things
  • Easy Implementation: installing the software and getting your users set up won’t take forever and
  • Excellent User Interface: the software is easy to use and understand
  • Multiple Currency and Tax Rate Support: allows you to work with clients from across the world and save their information to their individual profiles.
  • Different Pricing Tiers: this means that you can choose the tier that suits where your business is at and the one most suitable to your current needs.

What Are the Downsides of Xero?

Chances are you won’t regret switching to a cloud-based accounting system such as Xero for your local Henley Beach business. When things are working, you’ll think it’s the best thing since sliced bread – it’s likely to save you hours of time and huge amounts of administration.

Some customers think the customer support is lacking, however each case is different and the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks.

This is why you should think of using a bookkeeper to help you actually implement this for your business.  Check out marketingdepartment.com.au for more information about how Xero can help your business.