Reasons why you should choose a property in Henley Beach, South Australia

Close enough to South Australia’s renowned city of Adelaide, lies the coastal suburb of Henley Beach. The real estate Henley Beach market is currently on the rise. is With a picturesque jetty and beautiful beaches, it’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy South Australia’s stunning seasons all year round. However it’s far more than just a beachside town and choosing to buy a property in Henley Beach could have huge benefits.

Easy Access

Serviced efficiently by main roads such as Henley Beach Road and Grange Road, there’s easy access into Adelaide’s city centre. If you choose a property in Henley Beach, you’ll be able to easily get in and out of the city – really enjoying the best of both worlds. For a more scenic option you can take Seaview Road, and if you don’t have a car then Henley Beach is well served by the Adelaide Metro system.

Need some space?

Henley Beach has something that some of the inner city areas simply can’t offer – space. As well as expansive stretches of beach, the area also has two major ovals; Henley Grange Memorial Oval and John Mitchell Oval. Those wanting to go for a run after work or simply spend the weekends in the park will be spoilt for choice as green spaces certainly aren’t hard to find.


Good Living

There’s a reason that Henley Beach properties are some of the most viewed and increasingly the most popular in South Australia. The area allows residents an excellent quality of life – being close enough to the city to commute in and out at the start and end of each day, but also to enjoy the space and tranquility of a beachside town with a strong sense of community.

Opportunity for Growth

Henley Beach has long been attractive to retired couples and older families. However increasingly the area is becoming vibrant with younger professionals moving in. With house prices rising, it’s an excellent area if you’re thinking of investing, and if you’re simply on the look out for somewhere to buy you can be confident that your property will increase in value. There’s a huge amount to enjoy in this area and the chances are you won’t regret choosing a property in Henley Beach. The considerable growth has seen many SA real estate agencies expanding offices to specifically serve the Henley Beach area. If you’re considering buying near Henley, check out location specific websites like for properties.