Adelaide Solar Installers: How to choose a good solar company

Investing in a solar power system is a decision that you won’t have taken lightly. Just like buying a home or a car, you’ll want to make sure that you invest your money well and get the maximum benefits for the minimal costs. Finding a good solar installer in Adelaide can make all the difference to the process, so take your time to find the right company for you.

Word of Mouth

With the whole world at your fingertips, it can be tempting to start your search online. However Adelaide is a great place for word of mouth recommendations so ask friends, family and colleagues whether they know of a good solar company who they would be happy to put you in touch with. Using a solar installer that someone else has previously experienced and found helpful will give you huge peace of mind in what can be an expensive process.

Stay Local

Adelaide has an excellent selection of solar installers and you’ll find huge benefits from choosing a local company who you’ll have direct access to. Go with a bigger, national company and you may find communications frustrating or that once the system is sold and installed you struggle with follow up maintenance or general advice. It’s not just the installation of a solar panel system that you should consider when choosing the right company for you but the ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

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Avoid deals and sales tactics

Although you’ll be looking to get the best possible price for your solar installation, always be wary of deals that simply sound too good to be true. Use your gut instinct when listening to sales representatives and see whether they’re willing to truly listen to your needs or concerns. If you feel you’re being sold more than you need or systems that aren’t specific to your home, don’t be afraid to cut contact and choose another company. A really good solar installer will help you to think long term and offer you a quality installation at the lowest price possible.

Components and Comparison

Try to read between the lines, especially with deals. If you’re being offered the very best solar panels then check what the quality of the other components (eg: inverters, cables, mounts) are. Compare the deals with other companies and shop around as much as possible.

See the bigger picture

Remember to take as wide a view as possible and make sure that you choose a solar installer who really sees the bigger picture. Elements they should be considering include:

  • Panel voltage output
  • Panel quality
  • Positioning of panels
  • Inverter quality
  • Resistance to weather conditions specific to your home

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