Adelaide Solar Installers: How to choose a good solar company

Investing in a solar power system is a decision that you won’t have taken lightly. Just like buying a home or a car, you’ll want to make sure that you invest your money well and get the maximum benefits for the minimal costs. Finding a good solar installer in Adelaide can make all the difference to the process, so take your time to find the right company for you.

Word of Mouth

With the whole world at your fingertips, it can be tempting to start your search online. However Adelaide is a great place for word of mouth recommendations so ask friends, family and colleagues whether they know of a good solar company who they would be happy to put you in touch with. Using a solar installer that someone else has previously experienced and found helpful will give you huge peace of mind in what can be an expensive process.

Stay Local

Adelaide has an excellent selection of solar installers and you’ll find huge benefits from choosing a local company who you’ll have direct access to. Go with a bigger, national company and you may find communications frustrating or that once the system is sold and installed you struggle with follow up maintenance or general advice. It’s not just the installation of a solar panel system that you should consider when choosing the right company for you but the ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

For a trusted, Adelaide solar panel company, check out located only a short drive from Henley Beach.

Avoid deals and sales tactics

Although you’ll be looking to get the best possible price for your solar installation, always be wary of deals that simply sound too good to be true. Use your gut instinct when listening to sales representatives and see whether they’re willing to truly listen to your needs or concerns. If you feel you’re being sold more than you need or systems that aren’t specific to your home, don’t be afraid to cut contact and choose another company. A really good solar installer will help you to think long term and offer you a quality installation at the lowest price possible.

Components and Comparison

Try to read between the lines, especially with deals. If you’re being offered the very best solar panels then check what the quality of the other components (eg: inverters, cables, mounts) are. Compare the deals with other companies and shop around as much as possible.

See the bigger picture

Remember to take as wide a view as possible and make sure that you choose a solar installer who really sees the bigger picture. Elements they should be considering include:

  • Panel voltage output
  • Panel quality
  • Positioning of panels
  • Inverter quality
  • Resistance to weather conditions specific to your home

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Reasons why you should choose a property in Henley Beach, South Australia

Close enough to South Australia’s renowned city of Adelaide, lies the coastal suburb of Henley Beach. The real estate Henley Beach market is currently on the rise. is With a picturesque jetty and beautiful beaches, it’s the ideal place to relax and enjoy South Australia’s stunning seasons all year round. However it’s far more than just a beachside town and choosing to buy a property in Henley Beach could have huge benefits.

Easy Access

Serviced efficiently by main roads such as Henley Beach Road and Grange Road, there’s easy access into Adelaide’s city centre. If you choose a property in Henley Beach, you’ll be able to easily get in and out of the city – really enjoying the best of both worlds. For a more scenic option you can take Seaview Road, and if you don’t have a car then Henley Beach is well served by the Adelaide Metro system.

Need some space?

Henley Beach has something that some of the inner city areas simply can’t offer – space. As well as expansive stretches of beach, the area also has two major ovals; Henley Grange Memorial Oval and John Mitchell Oval. Those wanting to go for a run after work or simply spend the weekends in the park will be spoilt for choice as green spaces certainly aren’t hard to find.


Good Living

There’s a reason that Henley Beach properties are some of the most viewed and increasingly the most popular in South Australia. The area allows residents an excellent quality of life – being close enough to the city to commute in and out at the start and end of each day, but also to enjoy the space and tranquility of a beachside town with a strong sense of community.

Opportunity for Growth

Henley Beach has long been attractive to retired couples and older families. However increasingly the area is becoming vibrant with younger professionals moving in. With house prices rising, it’s an excellent area if you’re thinking of investing, and if you’re simply on the look out for somewhere to buy you can be confident that your property will increase in value. There’s a huge amount to enjoy in this area and the chances are you won’t regret choosing a property in Henley Beach. The considerable growth has seen many SA real estate agencies expanding offices to specifically serve the Henley Beach area. If you’re considering buying near Henley, check out location specific websites like for properties.

Real Estate Market 2015 Snapshot: Henley Beach

Where is Henley Beach?

Named after the English town of Henley on Thames, Henley Beach is a coastal suburb of Adelaide, a city in South Australia. While writing this article, Henley Beach scored 7.9/10 the ‘Adelaide’s Best Suburb‘ rating. The area is very well served with good access via Henley Beach Road and Grange Road, as well as a more scenic option along Seaview Road. For those who prefer or need public transport links, the Adelaide Metro serves Henley Beach meaning that convenience is key here.

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Who lives in Henley Beach?

Typically, the residents of Henley Beach have tended to be retired couples, older families and those looking for a slower pace of life. However things are changing and the area is increasingly drawing in the younger generations including young professionals who seek property within commuting distance of Adelaide. Residents of Henley Beach are primarily Australian however there is a relatively high percentage of English people living here also.

What are the real estate prices in Henley Beach?

Prices aren’t cheap in Henley Beach however residents often comment on how high their quality of life is and how spending a little more on a property here can be entirely worth it.

For those looking to buy, a guide price for a 3 bedroom house would be approximately $665,000 – rising to around $825,000 for a 4 bedroom house. For units, buyers can expect to pay around $315,000 for a 2 bed property. It’s worth bearing in mind that prices do rise the closer the property is to the beach.

If you want to try out the area or simply aren’t in a position to commit to buying, why not try renting in Henley Beach? You’ll be able to enjoy walks on the beach, strolls along the Henley Jetty and try out all the cafes and restaurants that the area has to offer. If you’re looking to rent a house in the area, you’ll be looking at prices of between $350-$650 per week depending on the number of bedrooms. For a unit, prices generally average at around $300 per week.

Real Estate: Get in early

It’s worth noting that Henley Beach has seen a huge increase in interest in recent years and this doesn’t show signs of declining. With excellent transport options, good schools, open green spaces as well as the beach itself, Henley Beach properties are incredibly popular. In fact, the visits per property is almost double that of anywhere else in South Australia. If you’re tempted, act now and visit Henley Beach to see for yourself what all the fuss is about!